TherapySync - Work less.  Achieve more.  Guaranteed.

Tablet PC(s) Capture Real Signatures!

TherapySync has the unique advantage over ALL other home health therapy software’s on the market in that we offer the flexibility to utilize both a fully integrated cloud-based online solution with all the latest technology and mobile devices, along with our unique one of a kind offline version. Our offline version utilizes synchronization technology to transfer notes and system information both ways! This means your therapists do not have to depend on an internet connection to utilize the system. This is perfect in rural areas and saves on data plan costs

Using the offline version, therapists have the benefits of the cloud based version in an offline environment. Our offline version allows your therapists to sync whenever an internet connection is available - so in other words, they are not tied to an office based server or your local office computer in order to sync. More importantly - there is not an extra fee for the offline version, just part of your already low monthly cost!