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Have you wanted to start your own contract home health therapy company? Have you just started doing contract therapy for nursing agencies on the side? Are you looking to expand your current contract home health therapy business? If you answered YES to any of those questions you're in luck. With our software and our "Business In A Box" Toolkit - you will not only have the industry leading software to crush your competition, but also the complete business model to streamline your office & improve your marketing strategies. Therefore allowing your business to be organized electronically, but also grow your company safely, securely and expand immediately.

What is in our toolkit?

Industry Leading Software (built specifically for your business)

The foundation of a successful company this day & age is a firm technology platform in which your business can build upon. The center point of our package is the software that is the best all inclusive contract home health therapy on the market. We continually monitor the pulse of our industry and that allows us to guarantee our product. The software features documentation, scheduling, invoicing, payroll, frequency calendars, reminders, internal messaging & more. We offer both a cloud based version of the software and also an offline version that is the only product of its kind in market. The offline version allows for your therapists to actually document while out in the field with or without an internet connection. No more worries about connection or needlessly losing notes!

Knowledgeable & Reliable Tech Support

Tired of calling to talk to someone in technical support and ending up getting transferred around a call center in another country repeating your story to each person as you go? We know & understand how you feel, and our goal is to help you a quickly as possible so you can get back to work. Our staff is not only polite and efficient, but also knowledgeable of the software that your company will be using. We build relationships with our customers so you will be talking to the same support person (you do not have to repeat your story)!

Proven Business Model For Contract Home Health Therapy

What is the difference between us and any other software providers out there? Our first line of business is being a Contract Home Health Therapy Company. We manage therapists, deal with nursing companies, spend time monitoring patient records. Before we invested about 1 million dollars in this software we did it all by hand and we had all the same problems you have or will have if you want to start up by using paper methods. We offer FREE to you our proven business model that will seal your success and help you win. That business model, teamed with all of the other things we offer in our business toolkit - you can't lose!

One-Of-A-Kind Business Consulting (with professionals STILL in the industry)

Sometimes you just need peers to bounce ideas, questions or concerns off of. Our toolkit includes over 30 years of therapy industry experience, over 20 years of IT experience and all of this experience is a phone call or an email away. Wondering if you are spinning your wheels with a nursing company? Thinking you might need to contact the board regarding a therapist? Call us, ask us - we will let you use our experience to your advantage.

Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Marketing your business is very important, and all too often this part of the business is forgotten as Therapy is usually in short supply and we turn down business. When your business is based on paper, there is simply too much work to do, copies to be made, notes to be delivered and the list goes on and on. With our software your time opens up and eases the pressure so you will be able to expand. We will give your ideas and solutions to growing your business. We have been there a long time - so we have solutions for every business size.

Legal Contracts To Protect Your Business

Protecting your business with legal documents is vital to its livelihood. You do not have to learn the hard way like we did, you can have our legal protection in place to protect you! Our package includes: Nursing Agency Contracts, Employee Contracts, Contractor Contracts, Computer Lease Agreements, Therapy Job Descriptions & more. These documents have been accumulated over years of doing business and are now available to you immediately after signing up for our SaAS (software as a service).

Online Presence On Search Engines & Beyond

Want to be found on the search engines? Need to have more of an online presence? We have you covered. Your potential customers are looking for you online - and we can help them find you so your business can prosper. We have the experts available to build your online presence - once again, as part of the service.

Custom Website Development

We now offer custom website development to our customers at a discounted price. So instead of trying to find someone to build your business website that you are not sure of their skillset - we can offer our own staff to design and build your website with ease! It is nice to deal with someone you know and trust to build a perfect solution for your business.

Need this info for your next meeting to show your partners or potential partners?

Use this PDF to help "sell" the idea to your partners or potential partners. Our system is proven and companies nation-wide are using it to run their businesses. Our system, along w/ our business toolkit will allow you to focus on growing your business - instead of paperwork, faxes & phone calls.
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